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Slag Conditioner

At SMP Metals, we offer top-quality slag conditioner and Perlite Ore (Foundry Grade) to help improve the efficiency and performance of your foundry operations. Our products are specially designed to enhance metal casting processes, ensuring excellent results and cost-effectiveness.

Perlite Ore (Foundry Grade)

Achieve Optimal Thermal Insulation and Flowability with Foundry Grade Perlite Ore

perlite is commonly used in ladle topping, hot topping, and rising to prevent shrinkage cavities. Perlite is used as an insulating cover on the surface of molten metal.

Our foundry grade Perlite Ore is a natural volcanic glass that undergoes a specialized manufacturing process, making it ideal for various foundry applications. Its unique properties enhance thermal insulation and improve the flowability of molten metal, ensuring consistent results and operational efficiency.